Kadlec - elektronika, s.r.o.

Producer of electronic display systems

We offer a wide range of standard products for universal usage. Our products incorporate a modular concept, which enables us to react very flexibly to many different kinds of customer needs.
A substantial part of our production is formed by atypical and made-to-order mechanisms, which are manufactured according to specific requirements of our customers.


Wide-ranging electronic queue management systems for automated control of services and organization of dispatching queues according to the customer's list. Simple queueing devices for the control of customer or client access to counters or other utility places. Acces, serial, order and rationing systems and networks. Information kiosks, touch screens.

Numeric, text and graphical LED displays, DOT and BiLED signs, boards and other kinds of panels for the indoor and outdoor use. Line, text and graphic displays, boards and the other graphic areas (surfaces) for advertising and fact-finding purposes. Running text, luminous news. Imaging texts, numeral, and graphic information for industrial, technological and other specialized purposes.

Digital and analog pointer clocks. Clock systems for accurate synchronous time governed by the DCF signal. School bells and special systems for the control of bells. Attendance control clocks and other systems. Metering of time intervals, electronic stopwatch. Sports starter equipment.

Exchange rate, tariff and stock list LED boards and panels for the display of exchange rates for banks, exchange offices and other financial institutions. LED price information displays and electronic variable price lists for the display of action offers of goods.

Full coloured LCD displays (STN and TFT, 6“, 8“, 10“) with own controller, with possibility of touch panel and with optimized rate price/function. Displays are mainly for machine controlling, measuring devices, information terminals, etc. Displays can work separately or in cooperation with superior terminal through simple protocol. Serial communication, Ethernet, GSM communication. Displays with VGA input is also available. Open frame displays or displays in own– boxes.

Luminous information, display, indication and visualization panels and displays for industrial or technological use and other special purposes. Navigation, warning and alarm systems. Electronic luminous markings and signs, light signaling. Access systems. Voting machines and systems. Sports and results boards. We develop and produce special electronic products and systems custom made according to the needs of our customers, including software equipment service - custom application.

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